Release Date : 20 July, 2010
Catalog ref. : DER-506

01. Espera Miseria
02. 127 La Brea
03. El Baile De La Muerte 
04. La Santera 
05. Five Years
06. Seaside
07. Hollywood Quema

Produced by Joby J. Ford
Engineered by Ryan Kahler and Joby J. Ford
Recorded at Big Game Lodge (Van Nuys, CA, USA)
Mixed by Beau Burchell
Mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisk (New York, USA)
Released on Deep Elm Records / KTC Domestic Productions

This Drama hails from the Canary Islands, but these aren’t sunshine-soaked tourist tunes. Produced by The Bronx guitarist Joby Ford, who is known for his proficiency at translating ferocity to tape, Tarantula Mata is a relentless yet slitheringly seductive presentation of pure punk rock. Glorious. Furious. Uncompromising. Laced with hardcore tinges and a hint of late 80’s gutter, it’s the type of music you see described as Punk ‘n’ Roll on gig flyers. And this is what This Drama do. One part conventional instrumentation and one part spaztastic attack, a dual theme of familiarity and surprise propel this red hot set of seven songs with a distinctive blend of Spanish and English lyrics. “Obsessively influenced by the spirit and the brawn of early SoCal punk rock scene, we’ve delivered a high-energy album fueled by urgency and intensity that feels, sounds and smells just like THIS DRAMA should” says lead vocalist Asdrubal Marichal. He adds “this is the first time we’ve introduced Spanish words to our songs, resulting in a unique blend of lyrics that really helps define our sound.” With roaring rock riffs, pummeling drums, jarring tempo shifts, a palette of powerchords and venom-spitting vocals, This Drama lays it all out there and the payoff is huge. This record works…wonders.