Release Date : 7 September, 2009
Catalog ref. : DER-481

01. Six Pack
02. She Had A Knife!
03. Panic Attack
04. Hungry Eyes
05. Fish Taco
06. Car Crazy, Speed Crazy
07. Monoloco Hot Pussy
08. Strictly Dishonorable
09. Born To Expire (includes hidden bonus track “Fuck Your Local Scene”)
10. Tiger Meets Lion (digital only bonus track)

Produced by This Drama
Engineered by Ayoze Hernandez
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Guamasa Studios (Tenerife, Spain)
Released on Deep Elm Records / KTC Domestic Productions

All artistic manifestation, all social response, has its trigger, its condition, its motive, its reason for being and lasting. This Drama isn’t an exception. This Drama is forged with a sense of urgency, immediacy…incubated and neutered with losers pride, with excess, with irony, hate and needs. Tired of the general attitude of the industry, of routine in rock and the pathetic passion for the mainstream, This Drama decided to make a clean break from effects and technical obsession in favor of emotions, intensity, the live show, of freshness…of music. Punk, rock ‘n roll, whatever-core…name it any way you want. This is music at its purest…and with no makeup. “When we started the band, we spent the first year trying to find a direction far removed from our previous projects and the tired, boring, mainstream wannabe spanish music scene. The music flowed and after play-shows-to-death touring we finally found ourselves in our comfortable own way and excited with the evolution of our musical direction. It was a rebirth” says vocalist Asdrubal Marichal. “San Diego XIII is the name of the street where everything happens for us, where we rehearse, where the band was born and raised. The album embodies our musical direction perfectly, our inspiration (Southern California) and our influences…rising somewhere between our passion for the rage of the 80s American punk rock scene, our respect for the germ of 70s UK punk and our love for the worldwide underground music movement.” The result: San Diego XIII is hot as fuck.